We firmly believe that exceeding normal FCA Compliance requirements only supports the organic growth of our operation. This view is implemented throughout our operation, as well as all our intermediaries.

In line with the above, Asurit has adopted policies which are in line with compliance requirements including:

       To observe and comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements whilst implementing
          best practice.

       To deliver and always maintain integrity throughout our operation

       To deliver on all our promise and thus satisfy all our customers' needs effectively and

In line with the above policy, we have developed a number of principles which we always observe and follow during our dealings. These are:

Customer Orientation

We will treat all our customers fairly. We will always listen and engage with our customers to identify their information needs. This enables us to provide information in a way that is fair and not misleading.


We are committed to deliver fair and transparent operation at all times.

Importance of Regulatory Compliance

We view regulatory requirements as an essential part of the business and will form a central part of our decision making practice. Compliance is central part to every aspect of the business, including customer care and risk management.

We develop and enforce our compliance procedures on a Best Practice basis so we can exceed the minimum regulatory requirements.

Following the above policies, Asurit obtained FCA Authorisation On January 14th 2005. This shows that our compliance and regulatory standards are in line with the ones set by the regulators.