Asurit Limited was established in 1993 to deliver on our pioneering vision to offer appropriate and innovative insurance services to our customers. With over twenty years market experience, we recognise that nothing is more important than peace of mind. Our aim is to give customers the best cover for their circumstances combinedwith the provision of ongoing support.

As a derivative of our values, in 2000 we were one of the first companies, in the UK, to introduce online price comparison services. It is our ability to understand what people actually want and need that has made us the success story we are today; a reliable and trusted insurance intermediary.

Building on this, our goal is simple: strengthen the trust in the industry by providing expert consumer care which meets our clients’ needs for today and tomorrow. Achieving thisonly supports the organic growth of our operation. To this end, Asurit has adopted policies which are in line with compliance requirements including:

  • To observe and comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements whilst implementing best practice.
  • To deliver and always maintain integrity throughout our operation
  • To deliver on all our promise and thus satisfy all our customers' needs effectively and consistently

Furthermore, we have developed a number of principles which we always observe and follow during our dealings, namely:

  • Customer Orientation
    We will treat all our customers fairly. We will always listen to and engage with our customers to identify their needs.
  • Integrity
    We are committed to deliver a fair and transparent operation at all times.
  • Importance of Regulatory Compliance
    We develop and enforce our compliance procedures on a Best Practice basis so we can consistently exceed the minimum regulatory requirements.

By following the above policies, Asurit obtained FCA Authorisation on January 14th 2005, thereby demonstrating that our compliance and regulatory standards are in line with those set by the regulators.

All of our products are designed and tailored to provide a specific sector, or consumer group, with unique and effective cover. Our commitment to deep rooted fairness allows us to constantly evolve and develop an innovative portfolio, as evidenced by our past achievements. The domestic products offered provide flexible alternatives to any mainstream home and content policy giving a wide range of life-style protection via award-nominated consumer care. They also provide comprehensive protection with the added benefits of competitive premium rates, limited or no excess and streamlined, rapid claims settlements. This latter element is the result of our leading IT infrastructure and live management information. All of these benefits yielding a lasting client loyalty and an excellent reputation!